Meet the Team


Drea Baines.png

Drea Baines

  • CEO, Impossible Consulting

  • Program Leader, Black Business Accelerator, Spaceworks Tacoma 

Krista Perez.jpg

Krista Perez

  • President of The Tacoma Women of Color Collective 

  • Co-Founder of the Community Market

Will Waverly.jpg

Will Waverly

  • Former Small Business Owner

  • Expert in Organizational Management and Business Leadership

  • EDI Officer in both Public and Private Sector

Kyro Parker.jpg

Kyro Parker

  • Founder and Principal Planner at Good Friend Events. 

  • Co-Owner of Lakewood Barbershop 

  • Entrepreneur coach and marketing strategist. 


Deb Haywood.png

Deb Haywood-Martinez

  • PCBA Program Coordinator

Rachel Askew.jpeg

Rachel Askew

  • PCBA Curriculum Consultant

  • Founder & Head Coach, NEXT

  • Associate of Young Leader Programming, Cities United

Grant Twyman.jpeg

Grant Twyman

  • PCBA Curriculum Consultant

  • Director of Equity & Community Engagement, Clover Park School District